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Holding Tummy

Pregnancy Massage
             1 Hour


Pregnancy Massage is available after 1st Trimester 12 weeks ( or 1st NHS Scan )

and is subject to any underlying conditions which may affect your treatment. 

Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time and pregnancy massage helps you bond with baby,  with all the joys also come many changes to your body and can put pressure on Joints, Ligaments and organs resulting in some pain and discomfort.

Pregnancy Massage can be of huge benefit to not only the mother but baby too, Massage can emotionally & physiologically support a time when your body is undergoing many changes and prepare the body for birth it releases endorphins which are the "feel good hormone" by the mother and are passed on to baby. As a fully qualified therapist and trained in pregnancy massage you and baby are in safe hands during your treatment which will be carried out in a side lying position with extra pillows for comfort and support so you can just get comfy and relax .

Magic of a Pregnancy Massage 



  • Stimulation of the circulatory system which will deliver nutrients and fluid to vital organs especially the placenta which will feed and aid babys development and also raise red blood count and produce more haemoglobin which can help with Anaemia which is common in pregnancy along with iron intake 

  •  Will help eliminate toxins from blood and cells and help reduce odema 

  • During the latter stages in pregnancy your digestive system can become sluggish this may cause constipation and heartburn , stress can make heartburn worse so a pregnancy massage will help to reduce anxiety and tension which will ease symptoms 

  • Release muscular tension of the upper back, shoulders, lower back, and hips easing the discomfort of sciatica caused my tight compressed hip muscles especially as baby grows and can be quite common 

  • Induces deep relaxation which helps with a peaceful sleep

  • Helps lower or balance blood pressure

  • Massage encourages the release of oxytocin a pain reducing hormone

  • Can help ease anxiety and stress 

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