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About Me

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Hi Im Kerry the owner of Totally Treated Massage Therapy, My aim is to give you the best massage to help with daily aches, pains and stresses.

I am one of those who never stop i am always on the go always the one sorting people's problems out, the one who organizes that family outing or birthday meal, the one who got the kids to school went to work came home and made tea and was the free taxi driver. Can be a bit Stressful when its every day!!

A few years ago, I suffered a lot with anxiety which then caused stress, insomnia, worrying endless about minor things or things that " might happen" I then started noticing heavy aches in my upper back neck and shoulders which then caused headaches and migraines i put this down to my pillows being too high then too low then my mattress it seemed like one thing after another. My friend suggested i have a massage to help, did i think it would help my mind stop worrying no nor did i think it would shut my eyes to go to sleep, to me massage was a pamper something you got when you had spare cash

(which I did not) . Well long story short i was very wrong I had the massage it was the best money i`d ever spent on 1 hour of anything, my whole body felt relaxed afterwards, my muscle pain eased instantly , my mind went on strike for a little while and i actually slept that night , I had 2 headaches that week instead of 7 yes it was temporary like everything and i needed more than 1 massage to keep me feeling like i did but it helped so much which brings me to now this is why i made the choice to learn more and qualified as a massage therapist and followed on from that to gain training in other techniques such as deep tissue work and pregnancy massage to help make people feel how i did. 

I always recommend a massage every 4-6 weeks to keep everything at bay.


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