I am in pain or discomfort

If you are experiencing muscle pain , joint pain, Sciatic  pain then massage is likely to improve how you are feeling. In this case a deep tissue massage would be a good choice.

Before the massage we can discuss the areas you are feel the pain or discomfort as well as the reason if known why it started and how long you have had this . I will then explain the treatment and address any questions you may have.

During the treatment i will focus on improving the areas of concern discussed during your consultation, this may mean massaging areas not directly related to your pain this is because many times pain can originate from another area of the body.


I have heard this so many times before the no pain no gain, if it does not hurt then it wont work , this is very untrue in fact if the pressure goes beyond your threshold or feels painful then chances are your muscles will naturally resist the pressure . I usually alternate pressure slowly gradually increasing to what you can comfortably tolerate. I believe this way you will feel the benefits longer even though it may not be as vigorous as you expect.